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DOT issues revised Guidelines for the OSPs (Other Service Providers) in India

Department of Telecommunications (DOT ), Ministry of Communications issues revised Guidelines for the OSPs (Other Service Providers) in India dated 23rd June 2021.

These Guidelines have now been further simplified and Revised Guidelines of dated 5th November,2020 OSP Guidelines. and
These will come into force with immediate effect.

Below are important point of these new guidelines

OSP Registration : The distinction between international OSPs and domestic OSPs has been removed and no registration will be required for OSP centres in India.

Bank Guarantee: No Bank Guarantee whatsoever will be required for any facility or dispensation under these Guidelines.

Non -Voice based entities :: Entities that are not carrying out voice-based business process outsourcing services shall not be regulated under the OSP Guidelines

Inspection and reports: The OSPs have to self-regulate their operations in such a manner that there is no toll bypass and infringement on the jurisdiction of authorized TSPs.

Inter-connectivity between OSP and Non OSP’s have now been enabled: Inter-connectivity of voice calls between two or more OSP Centres of the same Company or group of companies or unrelated companies is permitted for OSP operations.

The OSPs are allowed to carry the aggregated switched voice traffic (incoming/ outgoing) between their POP and their OSP centre in India over any wide area networking technology like IPLC/ NPLC/ MPLS VPN or SD-WAN (over IPLC/NPLC/MPLS VPN} and transiting it between other OSP centres in India over NPlC/MPlS VPN or SD-WAN (over NPLC/ MPLS VPN}.

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