DOT OSP Compliance Solutions


We at DOT OSP Consultant providing OSP Compliance Solutions for All OSP centre in India as per New OSP Guidelines on dated 23rd June 2021.

Now The OSPs have to self-regulate their operations in such a manner that there is no toll bypass and infringement on the jurisdiction of authorized TSPs.

The OSP shall be responsible for any violation related to toll-bypass.

The OSP shall extend support to the Authority in tracing any nuisance, obnoxious or
malicious calls, messages or communications transported through its equipment and network.

OSP will take all the necessary measures to comply with the requirements of relevant provisions of Indian laws.
OSPs shall be required to preserve the CORs for all the voice traffic carried using the EPABX. OSP shall maintain a copy of CDR and System logs at any of its OSP centres in India. The CDRs shall be segregated for each OSP centre/ media gateway. It shall be possible to view the CDR data along with details of the agent manning the position by remote login to CDR machine/ server. The time-stamp in the CDRs in the system{s) of the OSP shall be synchronized with the Indian Standard Time.

We will proved you to help for these OSP Self  Regulation compliance of your OSP center as per New OSP Guidelines.

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