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ISP License Registration Consultants in Hyderabad Telangana

About Expert ISP License Registration Consultants in Hyderabad Telangana.

OSP Consultants a leading professional specializing in ISP License Registration in Hyderabad are We assist individuals or companies in obtaining licenses to operate as internet service providers in the city. OSP consultants is well-versed in the legal and regulatory requirements for obtaining an ISP license in Hyderabad and can guide clients through the entire application process. OSP Consultants help clients understand the necessary documentation, compliance standards, and fees associated with obtaining an ISP license. Additionally, ISP License Consultants in Hyderabad may also provide ongoing support and assistance to ensure that clients remain in compliance with regulatory requirements once they have obtained their license. This Blog will help you to simplifies the complex process of obtaining an ISP license registration process.

OSP Consultants Leading consultancy firm is in Hyderabad offers comprehensive services to assist clients in navigating the complex regulatory landscape and ensuring compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.

About ISP License Registration

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) license is a permit granted by regulatory authorities to companies or individuals to provide internet services within a specific geographic area. It is a legal requirement in many countries to operate as an ISP and offer services such as internet connectivity, web hosting, email services, and more. Obtaining an ISP license involves meeting certain criteria and complying with regulations related to network infrastructure, security, consumer protection, and data privacy. This licensing process helps ensure the quality, reliability, and legality of internet services provided to consumers, while also promoting fair competition and preventing abuse of market power.

How OSP Consultants help to Obtaining ISP License Registration

We at ISP license registration consultants in Hyderabad specialize in helping clients navigate the legal and regulatory requirements for setting up an ISP business. They have in-depth knowledge of the relevant laws, regulations, and procedures, and they can guide clients through each step of the registration process. These consultants typically offer a range of services, including:

Initial consultation:

Consultants meet with clients to understand their specific requirements and business plans. They assess the scope of the project and provide guidance on the licenses and registrations needed.

Documentation support:

OSP Consultants assist clients in preparing and organizing the required documentation for license applications. This may include business plans, financial statements, technical specifications, and other relevant paperwork.

Application submission:

OSP Consultants help the submission of license applications to the appropriate authorities on behalf of their clients. They ensure that all necessary forms are filled out correctly and that the applications comply with regulatory requirements.

Follow-up and coordination:

OSP Consultants follow up with authorities to track the progress of license applications and address any queries or issues that may arise.

Compliance assistance:

Once the ISP license is obtained, consultants continue to provide support to ensure ongoing compliance with regulatory requirements. They advise clients on any changes in laws or regulations that may affect their business operations and help them stay updated on compliance obligations.

Choosing the right ISP license registration consultant is crucial for ensuring a smooth and efficient registration process. It’s important to look for consultants with a proven track record of success, extensive experience in the ISP industry, and a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape in Hyderabad. By partnering with a reputable consultant, entrepreneurs and businesses can streamline the process of starting an ISP business and focus on building and growing their operations.


Guidelines Registration Process of M2M License

Guidelines for Registration Process of M2MSP (Machine to Machine Service Providers) in India.

Eligibility criteria for m2m services license in India

Machine to Machine Registration may be granted to any company who registered under Indian Companies Act-2013, as amended from time to time or any LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) registered under LLP Act-2008, as amended from time to time or a partnership firm to provide M2M Services who fulfils the terms and conditions prescribed by the Authority.

What is M2M Services ?

M2M Services means the services offered through a connected network of bjects/devices, with unique identifiers, in which Machine to Machine (M2M) communication is possible with predefined back end platform(s) either directly or through some gateway.

M2M Services License India
M2M Services License India

Guidelines of M2M License

  • Applicant shall submit the Certificate of Incorporation at the time of registration.
  • Registrant shall not infringe upon the jurisdiction of any Authorized Telecom Licensee and they shall provide only those services for which this registration is granted to them.
  • In case any Authorized Telecom Licensee wishes to provide M2M Services to third parties, it can do so under current licensing framework without requiring to register for M2MSP or WPAN/WLAN Connectivity Providers.
  • A non-refundable processing fee of Rs. 5,000/- shall be payable for M2MSP registration.

M2M License Registration Process

M2M License Registration process will be very easy just follow the below instruction

  • Prepared the required documents
  • Fill the M2M Application Form
  • Upload the all required documents and Submit the application with Processing Fee
  • Issue of Letter of Intent (LOI)
  • LOI Compliance along with Bank Guarantee and Entry Fee
  • Signed the License Agreement with DoT
  • Issued the Certificate

For more details you can take our DoT Expert (ospconsultants) Team to process your application, documentation, Follow-up and Compliance etc.


What is Infrastructure provider License category- I (IP- I)

IP-I means Infrastructure provider category- I , simply company who has registered with DoT as IP-I providing inactive elements of the telecom network including dark
fibres, right of way, duct space, towers etc.

Eligibility of IP-I license/Registration

Who Indian companies registered under Companies Act 1956/2013 are eligible to apply that License registration.

Who is issuing authority (IP- I) License?

Department of Telecommunication (DoT) issued by the to businesses who want to work as a telecom Infrastructure Provider of Category-I. IP-1 license authorization in India.

For more details & help you can contact to OSP Consultants


What is ISP License ?

DOT OSP Consultants Share Information for ISP License like Type /Category, Eligibility, Validity, Guidelines, Required Documents, Processing Fee , Bank Guarantee and Filling Process and where and how to apply etc. people who looking for ISP license that information will certainly help.

About ISP License ?

ISP License authorization given by DoT (The Department of Telecommunications) to make a ISP in India.
ISP Refers to Internet Services Provider. Simply company who wants to start the internet services business in India required ISP License.

ISP License In India

Type of ISP License

  • ISP Category A for National Area
  • ISP Category B for Telecom Circle/Metro Area
  • ISP Category C for Secondary Switching Area like City/District
Type of ISP License in India
Type of ISP License in India

What are the requirements to get ISP license in india ?

  • Register a company under company act 2013
  • Prepared the required documents.
  • Fill out the application form for the ISP License.
  • Comply with the requirements of letter of intent.
  • Signed the agreement for ISP license.
  • Start your Internet Service business in market

Do you have any questions regarding ISP license registration  ?

Trusted DOT OSP Consultants will answered your all query related the ISP License approval & Process etc. and they help with all documentation, application filling and get approval from DoT.

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How to get UL-VNO license in India ?

What is VNO License in India from DoT:-

Duration of UL-VNO License::-

VNO- means virtual network operator, simply you can say is an entity that does not own a telecom network infrastructure but provides telecom services by purchasing capacity from telecom carriers. that VNO License authorisation issuing as per Service Area-wise like National Level for All India jurisdiction, Telecom Circle/ Metro Area Level and District/City Level.

This License shall be valid for a period of 10 years from the effective date of this License.

The Basic features of UL -VNO are as follows:-

  • VNOs are treated as extension of NSOs (Network Services Operators) or TSP’s and they would not be allowed to install equipment interconnecting with the network of other NSOs.
  • Applicant can apply for UL-VNO along with VNO authorisation for any one or more services listed below:
    • Access Service (Service Area-wise)
    • Internet Service Provider (ISP) (Category-A , B and C National Level, Telecom Circle/ Metro Area Level and District Level)
    • National Long Distance (NLD) Service
    • International Long Distance (ILD) Service
    • Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) Closed User Group (CUG) Service
    • Public Mobile Radio Trunking Service (PMRTS) Service
    • Access Service Category-B
  • VNOs shall also be allowed to create their own service delivery platforms in respect of customer service, billing and VAS.
  • One applicant can have only one UL (VNO).

Eligibility of VNO License:-

The applicant must be an Indian company, registered under the Indian Companies Act, 2013 (or a partnership firm or an organization registered under Shop and Establishment Act or a legal person for Access Services Category B).

How to apply VNO License in India

The applicant shall submit the application online in the prescribed Application form enclosed with all Required documents.

It is a necessity you required help of DoT License experts to process your VNO License application


Looking for the VNO consultants in India

VNO License Authorization in India by DoT India.

Looking for the VNO License consultants in India

Find best and reliable VNO License consultants in India provide help for all required information like Eligibility criteria, VNO License registration process from India best leading consultants.
We at DOT VNO consultants assist you to procuring an VNO License Authorization for ISP License, NLD, ILD, Access Services Category B and IPLC resale etc. help with required documents, processing fee, FBG & PBG preparing help with your bank , application filling as per your services area (SSA, Telecom Circle and PAN India) and documents uploading etc.

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What are the document’s required for VNO License in India.

  • Company Registration Certificate
  • Company PAN
  • Company MOA
  • Company AOA
  • POA
  • Board of Resolution
  • List of Sharholders
  • Equity Details
  • Services Area Name (SSA/Telecom circle)
  • Processing Fee
  • Bank Guarantee’s (FBG/PBG)
  • Entry Fee

What are the process to apply VNO License in India

For VNO License Approval in India first of all you have to finalized your service area where your want to serve & What are the services you want to serve like ISP Services, Access Services, NLD Services, ILD Services and IPLC Services etc.,
After these selection you have to file the application online on DOT portal for this specific service area for these selected services with processing fee challan.

How we can assist for this VNO License approval

We at OSP Consultants will assist you to end to end services for this VNO license approval like requirement analysis, document creation, VNO application filling , DSC signing on all documents and uploading, fee challan creation and discrepancy submissions and help for bank guarantee documentation etc.


DoT have Start the new License that is called Machine to Machine Service (M2M)

DoT Adding new Chapter XVII for Machine to Machine Service (M2M) License in India.

 Machine to Machine Service (M2M)
Machine to Machine Service (M2M)

Service Area of M2M License in India

The License/Authorization for M2M are granted for three different
Categories namely Category ‘A’, Category ‘B’ and Category ‘C’.
The Service Area for Category ‘A’ authorization shall be the National Area.
The Service Area for Category ‘B’ authorization shall be the Telecom Circle/Metro area as defined in Annexure-V.
The Service Area for Category ‘C’ authorization shall be the Secondary Switching Area (SSA)
as defined in Annexure-VII. If the Licensee desires to obtain M2M Category ‘C’ Authorization, under Unified License, for more than four SSAs in a Telecom Circle, the Licensee shall be required to obtain M2M Category ‘B’ authorization for that Service Area. License/Authorization for M2M, granted for more than one Service Area (Telecom Circle/Metro/SSA), shall be administered at each Service Area level as per terms and conditions contained in Part-I and in this chapter.

Scope of M2M Service authorization covers the following:

  • The Licensee can own the underlying network to provide connectivity and relatedservices for M2M Service Providers.
  • The Licensee can perform functions such as:
    • (a) access and integration of resources provided by other providers.
    • (b) support and control of the M2M/IoT capable infrastructure;
    • (c) offering of M2M/IoT capabilities, including network capabilities and resource exposure to other providers.
  • 2(iii) The Licensee intending to provide services exclusively through the LPWAN or equivalent technologies using unlicensed spectrum shall be covered under this authorization. Such licensees may also use backhaul/ access spectrum of its NSO(s) to provide M2M services exclusively, if they desire to provide M2M services in the licensed band.
  • 2(iv) Except those services permitted under the scope of this authorization, the Licensee shall not provide any service / services which require a separate service authorization / license.
  • 2(v) The UL(VNO) Licensees having Access Service authorization can provide the M2M services covered under this authorization and need not to obtain this authorization separately.

For More details please review DoT Guidelines or call us at +91- 8302935154


DOT has started now the Audio Conferencing/ Audiotex/ Voice Mail Services License authorization under Unified License with New Guidelines

DOT has started now the Audio Conferencing/ Audiotex/ Voice Mail Services License authorization under Unified License with New Guidelines

The services area of Audio Conferencing/ Audiotex/ Voice Mail Services shall be at National Level.


SERVICE: Scope of this authorization covers the following:
2.1 The Licensee may provide Audio Conferencing/ Audiotex/ Voice Mail
services .to the subscribers using Licensed Service Provider’s Network as
i. Audio Conferencing: The Audio Conferencing Service allows users from multiple locations to join a single audio conference and interact at the same time. The audio conference services provide real-time transmission of voice bemeeen groups of users jn two or more locations. The service is bidirectional via telecommunication networks, and provides for interconnection of two or more audio conference terminals.

Audiotex: It is either an interactive or a non-interactive non real time service which provides through appropriate access by standardized procedure for users of Audiotex service to communicate with database (database system shall be present within national boundaries) via telecom network. A subscriber can retrieve the information at any time by interacting with the Audiotex Service Equipment by using phone
and/or the information stored in Audiotex equipment can be disseminated to the subscriber on his phone in accordance with conditions mentioned in this chapter.

Voice Mail Service: In a Voice Mail Service (VMS), the subscriber has a voice mail box with voice mailbox number from authorized telecom service provider. Any subscriber can leave/ retrieve his message in/ from his Voice mail box via a licensed telecommunication network using a combination of store & retrieve techniques. A VMS subscriber can leave/ retrieve this message by dialing voice mail box number at his convenience in accordance with conditions mentioned in this Chapter.
Point to point conferencing and calling card facility shall not be provided
by the Licensee. However, Point-to-point conferencing services. may be
provided to the registered enterprises in India, subject to the following
conditions: –
The calls shall originate and terminate within India,

The complete routing/ switching of the Audio Conferencing calls should
remain within India.

The Telephone Number resources used by the Licensee shall be taken
only from Licensed Service Providers in India.

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DOT issues revised Guidelines for the OSPs (Other Service Providers) in India

Department of Telecommunications (DOT ), Ministry of Communications issues revised Guidelines for the OSPs (Other Service Providers) in India dated 23rd June 2021.

These Guidelines have now been further simplified and Revised Guidelines of dated 5th November,2020 OSP Guidelines. and
These will come into force with immediate effect.

Below are important point of these new guidelines

OSP Registration : The distinction between international OSPs and domestic OSPs has been removed and no registration will be required for OSP centres in India.

Bank Guarantee: No Bank Guarantee whatsoever will be required for any facility or dispensation under these Guidelines.

Non -Voice based entities :: Entities that are not carrying out voice-based business process outsourcing services shall not be regulated under the OSP Guidelines

Inspection and reports: The OSPs have to self-regulate their operations in such a manner that there is no toll bypass and infringement on the jurisdiction of authorized TSPs.

Inter-connectivity between OSP and Non OSP’s have now been enabled: Inter-connectivity of voice calls between two or more OSP Centres of the same Company or group of companies or unrelated companies is permitted for OSP operations.

The OSPs are allowed to carry the aggregated switched voice traffic (incoming/ outgoing) between their POP and their OSP centre in India over any wide area networking technology like IPLC/ NPLC/ MPLS VPN or SD-WAN (over IPLC/NPLC/MPLS VPN} and transiting it between other OSP centres in India over NPlC/MPlS VPN or SD-WAN (over NPLC/ MPLS VPN}.

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How to access broadband through PM-WANI Wi-Fi ?

Access broadband through PM-WANI Wi-Fi Network

The potential user who wants to access Broadband through Public Wi-Fi will need to download the relevant App, get authenticated, and thereafter access Broadband at any Public Wi-Fi Hotspot.
When the user reaches a Public Wi-Fi Hotspot, the App on the mobile phone will show various available networks. The user can then choose the Public Wi-Fi network of choice, pay an amount – either online or through voucher – and use the network till the balance is exhausted.