Audio Conferencing/Audiotext /Voice Mail Services License


DOT has started now the Audio Conferencing/ Audiotex/ Voice Mail Services License authorization under Unified License with New Guidelines

Inclusion of new authorization chapter “Audio Conferencing/ Audiotex/Voice Mail Services” in Unified License Guidelines and Agreement It has been decided to introduce a new authorization chapter as “Audio Conferencing/ Audiotex/ Voice Mail Services” in Unified License.
Government/ private organizations offering public utility services or private
Organizations offering services to the customers, by using Audiotex services or services through IVRS (providing information on automatic basis, booking or complaint services, etc.), are not required to obtain any license for provision of such services.
However, service providers providing Audiotex services on commercial basis, to other entity/ entities will be required to obtain license.

The services area of Audio Conferencing/ Audiotex/ Voice Mail Services shall be at National Level.


SERVICE: Scope of this authorization covers the following:
2.1 The Licensee may provide Audio Conferencing/ Audiotex/ Voice Mail
services  to the subscribers using Licensed Service Provider’s Network as under:

What is Audio Conferencing?:

The Audio Conferencing Service allows users from multiple locations to join a single audio conference and interact at the same time. The audio conference services provide real-time transmission of voice bemeeen groups of users jn two or more locations. The service is bidirectional via telecommunication networks, and provides for interconnection of two or more audio conference terminals.

What is Audiotex Services ?:

It is either an interactive or a non-interactive non real time service which provides through appropriate access by standardized procedure for users of Audiotex service to communicate with database (database system shall be present within national boundaries) via telecom network. A subscriber can retrieve the information at any time by interacting with the Audiotex Service Equipment by using phone
and/or the information stored in Audiotex equipment can be disseminated to the subscriber on his phone in accordance with conditions mentioned in this chapter.

What is Voice Mail Service:

In a Voice Mail Service (VMS), the subscriber has a voice mail box with voice mailbox number from authorized telecom service provider. Any subscriber can leave/ retrieve his message in/ from his Voice mail box via a licensed telecommunication network using a combination of store & retrieve techniques. A VMS subscriber can leave/ retrieve this message by dialing voice mail box number at his convenience in accordance with conditions mentioned in this Chapter. Point to point conferencing and calling card facility shall not be provided by the Licensee. However, Point-to-point conferencing services. may be provided to the registered enterprises in India, subject to the following conditions: – The calls shall originate and terminate within India,

The complete routing/ switching of the Audio Conferencing calls should remain within India.

The Telephone Number resources used by the Licensee shall be taken only from Licensed Service Providers in India.

Fee Structure of Audio Conferencing/Audiotex License/VMS

Fee for Audiotex License

List of documents required

  • Registration Certificate of company
  • Company MOA
  • Company AOA
  • Company PAN
  • Company Equity Details
  • List of Directors of Company
  • Board Resolution
  • Authorized Signatory